One Year, 90-Days at a Time

 A uniquely designed, high-energy planner! Rather this is your first introduction to 90-day planning, or your first time using our unique approach, we welcome you to a new way of thinking about setting and accomplishing your goals!

Our unique approach integrates two key concepts: BOLD Goals and 90-day sprints. We created the BOLD Goals approach to inspire children with ADHD to reach their goals. We quickly discovered that this simple and effective technique was a fan favorite of the parents as well; thus, we combined our BOLD Goals approach with one of the most effective forms of strategic planning, the 90-day sprint approach.


A Planning Process that Gets Real Results!

The 90-Day approach allows for short bursts of energy and time. As you accomplish small tasks that eventually aggregate into larger goals, you will feel both empowered and capable of more!

8.5" square / spiral bound / full-color

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Focus 90 Days at a Time!

The BOLD Goals Daily Planner is divided into four 90-day sprints. Each 90-day sprint is divided into three milestones, and each milestone is divided into four steps.

Although you start with the big picture, you will break it all down into manageable, practical steps!

Get Organized!

The planner includes 12 undated monthly calendars so you can start your year anytime! This also allows you to begin planning your 90-day sprints with complete freedom!

Build Strong Habits!

Each month you start with a clean slate to build better routines and habits. This is an excellent tool to develop accountability, resilience, and healthy habits!

Step by Step Action!

4 90-Day Sprints

3 Milestones (months) per Sprint

4 Steps (weeks) per Milestone

This simple and highly-effective process allows you to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Eliminates overwhelm and encourages small steps each and every day!

Celebrate Small Wins!

No more overwhelm! No more slogging through plans that fall by the wayside. Our approach is focused, fun and engaging! Toss out any notions you have of "work" and get ready to celebrate the small wins!

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90-Day BOLD Goals Planner

Women's Daily Planner


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