Journals and Planners

Our journals and planners are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of ADHD.

ADHD Kids Journal

Through the lens of a growth mindset, the ADHD Kids Journal helps children explore their strengths and weaknesses, discover self-confidence, and embrace success through failure.

Big Red Kids Planner

The Big Red Kids Planner helps develop life-long organization and planning skills, lending to better self-confidence, accountability and healthy habits! 

Women's Bold Goals Planner

A uniquely designed, high-energy planner! Rather this is your first introduction to 90-day planning, or your first time using our unique approach, we welcome you to a new way of thinking about setting and accomplishing your goals!

Wall Art & Posters

Our inspirational Wall Art can be framed or hung like a poster. Each make a wonderful addition to a child's bedroom or a classroom!

Empowering Kids

One Box at a Time

Packed full of amazing confidence boosters, activities and games, the ADHD Kids Box helps children (and parents!) learn to embrace and organize the wild of ADHD, SPD and anxiety. 

ADHD Kids Box