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We know ADHD doesn't just affect a child; it affects the whole family!


Therefore, the Ivy Wild Kids Community takes a two-fold approach:

  • We provide our flagship step-by-step roadmap to address issues relating to raising a child with ADHD.
  • We provide the resources to improve your work-life balance through a focus on organization, mindset, self-care and goals.  

Our mission is to help you embrace and organize the wild of ADHD, so your child can realize their full potential and you can live a happier and healthier life!


Benefits of Membership

ADHD Success Roadmap

A step-by-step roadmap for women raising a child with ADHD.

Expert Success Bundles

A behind-the-scenes pass to Experts in life-work balance and all things ADHD!

Monthly Challenges

Inspirational challenges to help you get moving in the right direction!

Community Support

The support and knowledge to make all things possible! 

You don't have to pretend everything is alright!


We understand. We've been there!


Women are so used to taking care of others that we tend to overlook our own needs. According to a new analysis conducted by Maven, 9.8 million working mothers in the U.S. are suffering from burnout

Have a child with ADHD? There's a 60% chance either you or your partner has ADHD! This makes it significantly more challenging to address your child's challenges when you are struggling with your own.

Mothers of children with high levels of behavior problems have the most pronounced physiological profile of chronic stress. - Marsha Mailick Seltzer, a researcher at the University of Wisconsin

An ordinary day for a woman is a nightmare for a woman with ADHD. - Lynn Weiss, Ph.D.

Embrace & Organize the Wild! 

All the tools you need in a supportive, high-value community with like-minded women!

Rather you own a business, work outside of the home, commit to being a full-time mom, or home-school, we are united by the challenge of raising a child with attention, sensory or anxiety challenges. We offer a supportive, positive and fun environment. No judgement here!

ADHD Success Roadmap

Think of this as your survival kit to move from chaos and confusion to clarity and balance!

Our flagship process provides a clear step-by-step path for addressing issues relating to raising a child with ADHD. Rather your child has been diagnosed or you just have that "sneaky suspicion" that something is off in your child's behavior, we have developed a streamlined approach to get the answers you need and fast!! 

Why? Because we wish we had been blessed with this when we started out! It's that simple. We designed this roadmap to cut to the chase and empower you with the knowledge, support and confidence to make the right decisions for your family.

Within the community, you'll find tons of resources (video workshops, workbooks, cheatsheets and more!) and we're here to support you at all times!


Learn the signs of ADHD, SPD, anxiety, depression and giftedness/2e. 


Discover the value of a diagnosis and how to obtain an appropriate evaluation.


Learn about leading traditional and non-traditional treatment options.


Explore educational options and life-long socialization strategies.


Discover strategies to create a peaceful home and positive parenting solutions.

Raise the Bar

Move beyond survival and help your child learn realize their full potential!

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Expert Success Bundles

Each month we provide a new success bundle (videos, downloads, cheat-sheets and more!) from an expert in organization, self-care, mindset, goal-setting, parenting and all-things ADHD related!

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Monthly Challenges

Each month we provide a new women's challenge and a new kid's challenge (everybody gets to dive in!) to focus your efforts and help you achieve maximum results! 

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Community Support

Digital of course! Why walk this path alone when you can join forces with vibrant, positive and driven women aiming for the same things as you?! Our community is made up of amazing working moms seeking balance in life, career and parenting. What binds us together is the added challenge of raising a child with ADHD.

So we get it! We really do, and that's why we've got you covered with accountability partners, group events and group coaching calls. We firmly believe you can use all the challenges to your advantage, and model the same for your child!

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