Organize the Wild of ADHD

The Big Red Kids Planner is an amazing resource for any child learning to navigate the world of ADHD! 

Organization, chores and project management are like mental roadblocks for kids with ADHD. They want to do it right, they just don't always have the right tools!

The Big Red Kids Planner eliminates the struggle by streamlining the approach with a clean, organized and simple layout. We included the important items, and left out all the distractions!


What will my child gain from this planner?

The Big Red Kids Planner helps develop life-long skills, lending to better self-confidence, accountability and healthy habits! 

  • Self-Confidence
  • Accountability
  • Healthy Habits


7 x 9" / spiral bound / full-color

A fun and engaging way to organize the wild of ADHD!

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Organize Each Month 

Kids with ADHD often struggle with the anxiety of "what's next" or simply don't care what's next! Either way, give them an efficient method to organize each month's activities, projects, events and more!

Develop Daily Routines

No more arguments about chores! With this handy A.M. and P.M. Chore & Routine trackers, your child will know exactly what to do and when. Each month they start with a clean slate, which provides the opportunity to start small and build throughout the year.

Weekly & Daily Organization

This clean weekly and daily layout provides a simple way for kids to stay focused on each week's overarching goal and tasks. The daily prompts provide a quick way to stay on top of upcoming tests, deadlines, activities and homework. In addition, each day includes prompts for reaching their weekly goal, and completing the A.M. and P.M. routines and chores. 

Break Down Big Projects

No more dreading school projects! ADHD kids inherently struggle with project management. To them, it just all runs together. Knowing this, we provided project sheets to introduce the skill of breaking projects into bite-sized tasks. As your child learns to master this skill, they will gain confidence in their ability to be accountable for large projects!

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Big Red Kids Planner


For Organizing the Wild of ADHD


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